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Proof of life and after our first few hours here we can tell you we feel pretty safe in Bogotá (safer than I did sometimes in Chicago). Travel day went off with almost no incidents. Air Canada Rouge premium class was a wonderful way to travel for the 51/2 hour flight from Toronto (for all you chic flick lovers out there Table 19 was entertaining and I discovered the TV series, New Girl). We had a small snafu with the transport from the airport to our lodging having accidentally sourced two drivers, so we split into two groups and headed off. Ren and I headed out first followed by Jess and Cindy (who may or may not have had an authentic Colombian experience being in a small fender bender (no one was hurt except the driver's wallet as he paid the guy off that he hit)).


For our lodging in Bogotá we have rented a charming condo in a very nice neighbourhood off Airbnb (clean, quiet, safe (24 hour doorman) and cheap!). Hangry moods set in relatively quickly after arrival and we set-off to source some food. First stop, Bogota Beer Market, a local beer (which they add fresh fruit juice to odd but yummy) and a sampler plate of local faire (mini potatoes, Chorizo, empanadas, and beef kabob). Food and beer took the edge off we sauntered back towards our condo with a stop at a local produce market and a grocery store to stock up on some basics. The grocery store could have been a store in Calgary, minus when the clerk speaks to me I have no idea what they are saying and they do have security at the doors.


For me first impression of Bogotá, very much like Santiago, which means very much like any large city of 8 mm people. You can brush your teeth with the water here, my barometer of infrastructure development. And for all you worried it feels very safe. There is a bit more visible security (men in uniform, large dogs but nothing shocking). The neighbourhood we are in feels very much like something we find in North America so we need to get out and see more of the city before we pass too much (naive) judgment.

We have laid out some activities for the next few days, tomorrow we are aiming to hike (climb the stairs) of Monserrate. The mountain that dominates the city center of Bogotá. Sunday we have reserved as a bit of a recovery day as tomorrow night we will be hitting Andres DC, which I suspect could be a bit of a long evening. Monday through Wednesday have been allocated to a graffiti tour, a bike tour, coffee tour, street food tour, Salt Cathedral and some odd amusement park Jess has found and maybe the Gold Museum (I am generally leaving the planning to the other A types we have on the trip).

We are back at our little abode, wine in the glass, snacks sourced and getting organized before we head out for a light dinner and an early night.

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