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Proof of Life - Colombia

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So as I sit sipping coffee I debate whether to take on blogging this adventure. Handful of reasons, first and foremost I am actually traveling with some very good and witty writers which makes me feel even more self-conscious publishing a journal of our activities (perhaps I can convince them to make guest appearances in the form of entries!). Second, it is an all girls trip so no G^2 and because I am traveling with one party that has been to Colombia several times and another party who is more dedicated to research on activities than me (she actually creates spreadsheets with categories) I have done zero research or prep on our destination. All that said, people are relatively concerned when I say we are headed to Colombia so publishing a daily account of our adventures and proof of life is likely warranted.


So here we go, yup we are headed to Colombia, 4 girls. How did this come about? One of said girls used to travel to Colombia frequently for work and wanted to go back one more time for fun before all her contacts moved on (one of her contacts works that Embassy seems like a good guy to know). And thus, someone had an idea and now we are on our way. We head to Toronto today for an overnight stay before heading out to Bogota tomorrow am. Direct flight, 6 hours seems pretty civilized. As mentioned we come armed with a spreadsheet of activities to do but nothing firmly in place as of yet. We have rented a sweet looking condo (yes, we verified with independent sources it was in a safe neighbourhood) on Airbnb so we are going to try to live like locals (yeah, right 4 white (really white we haven't seen the sun much in Calgary yet) Canadians will fit right in). We are in Bogota for the majority of the trip and then head to Cartagena for the last few days.

So what do I actually know about Colombia? Well, all the details learned from watching Narcos of course (first season, haven't gotten to the second yet). Turns out that isn't much so here I go armed with Wikipedia and google. So far I have learned Colombia is a actually derived from the last name, Columbus (in Italian it's Colombo). It is a constitutional republic with 32 departments, the 17th most diverse country in the world ecologically (rain forest, grassland, Caribbean and Pacific coast lines) and is the 4th largest economy in Latin America (the order is Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia). I did know without research Colombia is well-endowed with minerals and energy resources (coal and oil). So as you can tell I have some work to do.

So off we go, I will endeavour to post highlights of our activities.

Until next time,

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